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About Us


Cithara Guitars Inc.

Cithara Guitars is a Custom Guitar Shop located in Hamilton Ontario, forty-five minutes west of Toronto. Cithara Guitars offers a full line of hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars, as well as repairs and restorations. Our customers also enjoy the experience of designing and building their custom guitar one on one with the luthier through the hands on clinic.  

While we are now fully settled into our new location in the City of Hamilton we haven't forgotten our roots and we still have our Mansfield location in operation to serve as a pick-up and drop-off centre for our customers in the Barrie and Collingwood are



The kithara or cithara (pronounced sith-air-ah) was an ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre or lyra family. In Modern Greek the word cithara has come to mean "guitar".

 The cithara was a professional version of the two-stringed lyre, as opposed to the simple lyre, which was a folk-instrument. The cithara was primarily used by professional musicians, called Citharodes. 

To represent the name, Cithara Guitars is proud to offer 5 models named and themed after Greek Gods and Goddesses: Zeus, Aphrodite, Hedes, Poseidon, and Apollo. 


Head Luthier

Daniel Clark, founder of Cithara Guitars Inc. graduated from Mohawk College in 2011 with a Diploma in Applied Music. Always having had a love for wood working, Daniel pursued that passion through guitar building. In the summer of 2012, Daniel attended the LADO School of Lutherie where he studied under the guidance of Master Craftsman Joe Kovacic, founder and CEO of JK LADO and Company.

Once graduating from the LADO School, Daniel incorporated Cithara Guitars later that year. Having the training and guidance from a true Master Craftsman, Cithara Guitars now produces beautiful instruments with hand craftsmanship comparable to none.

Our Team


Derek Caven

When he's not on the road touring as the lead guitarist for Canadian Country musicians, Derek is in the Cithara Guitars shop assisting with set ups and repairs.