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Guitar Specifications

Body Construction: Hollow-body Maple

Neck Construction: 3- Piece Laminated neck with a ‘Fitted Bolt-on’ neck joint. Curly Maple and Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Scale Length: 25.25"

Finish: 'Blood Red' hand-rubbed stain with a dark red airbrushed fogging, finished with a high-gloss water-based lacquer

Hardware: Flat Black

Tuners: Ratio 3x3

Bridge and Saddle: Resomax

Pickups: PMJS 

              Neck – Black Earth Humbucker with Neo-Dymium magnets

              Bridge – Humbucker with ceramic magnets


-Cithara Hades Redburst 

-Single white binding on the body

**Every guitar comes with a hard shell rectangular case and letter of authenticity

Available Upgrades

*Body and neck wood



About Hades

The Lord of Darkness, God of the Underworld. Though one of Hades’ many nicknames is The Unseen it will be hard to go unseen with this stunning blood red guitar.  According to myth, Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated the Titans and claimed reign over each of the dominions. Zeus ruled the cosmos, Poseidon the sea, and Hades claimed the underworld. A shielded helmet of scorched metal, a two pronged bident, and the three headed guard dog Cerberus are often associated with Hades.  

The Cithara Hades model is crafted in the likeness of this dark God and has impact like no other.