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Guitar Specifications

*2013 Model Shown

Body Construction: Solid 2 piece Maple

Neck Construction: Straight Maple 3 piece laminate - Tapered 

Fingerboard: Ebony

Scale Length: 25.3"

Finish: Solid white finish with a high-gloss water-based lacquer

Hardware: Gold 

Available Upgrades

*Body and neck wood




Forged on Mount Olympus The Cithara Zeus model is truly the King of the Gods.  Hand crafted to capture the bold stunning power of the Magnificent One. Zeus is the God of sky and storms; he is the ruler of Mount Olympus and King of the Gods. His numerous erotic escapades made Zeus a champion amongst his male counterparts and resulted in many heroic and godly offspring. Zeus created the law and upheld justice, casting thunderbolts on those deemed deserving of punishment.