A Full Setup from Cithara Guitars Includes:


  • ‘13 Point Inspection’ on the guitar – checking all moving parts and screws to ensure that they are tight and working properly.
  • Inspection of the neck and Truss Rod
  • Intonation check
  • Fret check to ensure none have/are lifting
  • If applicable check all bracing to ensure none have lifted
  • Brief electrical inspection to ensure that there are no loose wires or bad connections
  • Set/ Adjust action height to specifications of the customer
  • Full cleaning of the body, neck, fingerboard, frets electronics and hardware


** All quotes exclude the cost of materials


**Any and all prices are subject to change without notice. This repair guide acts as a quick reference guide for the customer. A full quote of the repair will be given upon review of the instrument.

* Quotes last updated 2015





Hourly Rate


Major Restoration/Repairs Quote


General Repair Quotes

No Charge











All restringing (includes basic cleaning)

$25 + materials (Setup additional $50)







Full Setup - Acoustic Guitar


Full Setup - Electric Guitar


Full Setup - Bass Guitar


Locking Tremolo Guitar


12 String




Complete Fret Dress


Semi Fret Dress




Re-fret Includes Setup


Full Re-fret


Partial Re-fret (Minimum 5 frets)


Re-fret Bound Fingerboard


Re-fret - Maple Fingerboard




Custom Nut Work - Set up Incl.


Bone Guitar Nut


Bone Bass Nut


New 12 String Guitar


Pre-slotted Plastic Guitar nut


Pre-slotted Plastic Bass Nut


Install Locking Nut




Custom Saddle/Bridge Work


Install New Saddle


Bridge remove and re-glue


Lifted Acoustic Bridge

starts at $50

Re-glue Acoustic Bridge with Pickup


Re-glue Classical with Fan Bracing




Machine Heads






Structural Work


Cracked Headstock - Minimum touch-up

$100 + (case by case)

Acoustic Body Cracks

$50 each and up

Re-gluing Braces

$50 +

Re-gluing Pick-guards (Acoustic)










All custom wiring is quoted at an hourly rate. Parts are not included




Acoustic Pickup Installation

$50-$75 + restring

Installation of New Pickups

$50 +

Pot Cleaning


Installation of New Pots

$25 per pot

Trouble shooting

$50 +


$50 +











Minor Touchup

$50 +

High-gloss Bolt on Neck


High-gloss Acoustic Body


High-gloss Electric Body




Satin Finish




Add On


Custom Colour Mixing

$50 +



Specialty Work




Custom Pick-guards Electric


Custom Routing

$50 +

Guitar Kit Assembly

$50 +

Replacing Bolt-on Necks





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