A Full Setup from Cithara Guitars Includes:


  • ‘13 Point Inspection’ on the guitar – checking all moving parts and screws to ensure that they are tight and working properly.
  • Inspection of the neck and Truss Rod
  • Intonation check
  • Fret check to ensure none have/are lifting
  • If applicable check all bracing to ensure none have lifted
  • Brief electrical inspection to ensure that there are no loose wires or bad connections
  • Set/ Adjust action height to specifications of the customer
  • Full cleaning of the body, neck, fingerboard, frets electronics and hardware


* Quotes last updated 2018


Cithara Guitars Repair Price List

General Labour  
Hourly Rate $60
Major Restoration/Repairs Quote $30
General Repair Quote No Charge
Change of strings (6) $15
Change of strings (12) $30
Full Setup Acoustic Guitar $60-$90
Full Setup Electric Guitar $60-$90
Full SetupBass Guitar $60-$90
Full Setup with of a Locking Tremolo Guitar $90
Full Setup 12 String $90
Complete Fret Dress $120
Semi Fret Dress $60
Full Re-fret $240 + setup
Partial Re-fret (Minimum 5 frets) $180 + setup
Re-fret Bound Fingerboard $300 + setup
Re-fret - Maple Fingerboard $330 + setup
Custom Nut Work - Set up Incl.  
Bone Guitar Nut $90
Bone Bass Nut $90
New 12 String Guitar $120
Pre-slotted Plastic Guitar nut $60
Pre-slotted Plastic Bass Nut $60
Install Locking Nut $120
Custom Saddle/Bridge Work  
Install New Saddle $30
Bridge remove and reglue $120
Lifted Acoustic Bridge $60 - case by case
Re-glue Acoustic Bridge with Pickup $120
Re-glue Classical with Fan Bracing $120
Machine Heads  
Retrofit $60-$90
Structural Work  
Cracked Headstock - Minimum touch-up $120 - case by case
Acoustic Body Cracks $60 - case by case
Re-gluing Braces Hourly
Re-gluing Pickguards (Acoustic) $60
All custom wiring is quoted on an case by case basis.
Acoustic Pickup Installation $60-$90 + restring
Installation of New Pickups Hourly
Pot Cleaning $30
Installation of New Pots $30 per pot
Trouble shooting Hourly
Re-wire Hourly
Minor Touchup $60 - case by case
High-gloss Bolt on Neck $240-$360
High-gloss Acoustic Body $600
High-gloss Electric Body $480
Satin Finish 75% of gloss prices
Add On  
Custom Colour Mixing Hourly
Specialty Work  
Custom Pickguards Electric $120
Custom Routing Hourly
Guitar Kit Assembly Hourly
Replacing Bolt-on Necks $120-$24


Please note, this is a quick reference repair guide and prices are subject to change without notice. An assessment of each repair will be conducted on the individual instrument and a full quote will be given to the customer for approval prior to any work being done. All prices exclude the cost of materials, the cost of materials will be broken down in the individual quote.


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