Daniel attended the LADO School of Lutherie in Lindsay Ontario. He studied under Master Craftsman Joe Kovacic (Founder and CEO of LADO Guitars). At this school Daniel learned the ‘old world' techniques by which to build guitars. He learned to shape bodies and guitar necks by hand with little to no assistance from any machinery. This has allowed him to truly understand how a fine guitar is built.


Because of the training that Daniel received from Joe Kovacic, the quality and craftsmanship that is produced by Cithara Guitars is second to none. Daniel uses the 'old world' techniques partnered with modern day technology to ensure that every guitar built is precise while at the same time, not loosing the quality and romance of a hand crafted guitar.


The wood supply at Cithara Guitars is comparable to any other major builder/company in the industry. By having a significant wood supply, the custom options for any guitar are endless. All of the wood is kiln dried and stored in a controlled environment to ensure its stability.


The finishes used on all Cithara guitars are water-based products proving to be more environmentally friendly than that of solvent-based products, while still providing the same quality and durability of finish.


Daniel prides himself in the quality craftsmanship of Cithara Guitars. He works with you on every project to ensure that your expectations of quality are met and that you are truly happy with your guitar.