The kithara or cithara (pronounced syth-air-ah) was an ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre or lyra family. In Modern Greek the word cithara has come to mean "guitar".


The cithara was a professional version of the two-stringed lyre, as opposed to the simple lyre, which was a folk-instrument. The cithara was primarily used by professional musicians, called Citharodes.


Daniel Clark, founder of Cithara Guitars Inc. graduated from Mohawk College in 2011 with a Diploma in Applied Music. Always having had a love for wood working, Daniel persued that passion through guitar building. In the summer of 2012, Daniel attended the LADO School of Lutherie where he studied under the guidance of Master Craftsman Joe Kovacic, founder and CEO of JK LADO and Company.


Once graduating from the LADO School, Daniel incorporated Cithara Guitars later that year. Having the training and guidance from a true Master Craftsman, Cithara Guitars now produces beautiful instruments with hand craftsmanship comparable to none.



Pegasus logo.jpgThough not a God, the Pegasus is one of the most recognizable and well known figures in Greek mythology. Born from the blood of Medusa, this beautiful winged horse was tamed by Bellerophon using a magic bridle from Athena. While riding Pegasus, Bellerophon was able to accomplish many heroic deeds, but his ego was soon inflated. He decided he was too good to live on earth; he felt he deserved to live amongst the gods. As he began his assent into the heavens, Zeus struck him down by sending a gadfly to sting Pegasus causing him to buck. Bellephon fell to the ground and lived out his life in misery as a blinded crippled hermit. As a reward for Pegasus’ faithful service, Zeus transformed Pegasus into a constellation to honour him for eternity. At Cithara Guitars we honour Pegasus as well by using him to represent the company.  



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